Programs with impact.

Positive movement starts with all of us. It’s impossible to set a person, a team, a change, big or small, in motion if you don’t know who you are and what drives you. That awareness is where it all begins. And it grows in conjunction with others.

We create hybrid programs that get to the heart of this and make a real impact. Raise awareness on a deeper level. You learn how to manifest your own strength in the force field that you’re in. To create value for your team, your organisation, your family, the world around you.

Incompany programs
programma leeromgeving

Learning environment.

For professionals and leaders.

You want to grow and be part of a positive change. Make a real impact. You need inspiration and like-minded people around you.

We create personal and meaningful programs that equip  you for the challenges of modern times. You discover your potential. You see where your strengths lie, where your opportunities. What you want and need to get there. Knowing all this means you can open up, join forces and start innovating together with others.

Concepts & Consult.

For teams & culture change.

In your organisation and vision people are essential. You want people drawing on each others strong points and innovative power. And to direct their own development and impact.

That’s what makes us tick!  We don’t work for you, but with you. In line with your strategy and ambition we design social and innovative learning environments. Where people shape their own development and ideas. In this way we build a sustainable and dynamic ecosystem that is of value to everyone.

programma concepten en advies
Individual programs
individuele programma

Personal touch.

For individuals.

Living and working. You didn’t study for it. And it can be really challenging. There are times you need a hand.

We help you to stay on track, even if you get stuck in making difficult choices or high expectations.

If you have any questions, give us a call or send us a message!



It’s time to take stock of your life. Our talentscan will help you. It identifies your personal qualities, drives, talents and ambitions. This baseline measurement makes a thorough analysis of your potential. It gives insight and direction to your personal and professional development.

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Specially for teenagers we designed the 10scan. With this tool we help teenagers to make conscious (educational) choices.

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Personal & professional.

At times life throws you lemons, whether you want them or not. From choice overload, career questions, burn-out or bore-out signs to relationship issues, illness or losing loved ones. It’s all part of the game. How you deal with it, is up to you. 

We coach you through the challenges and obstacles you encounter in daily life and work. From a holistic point of view we help you shed light on all aspects to create a lasting breakthrough. 

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