Paluka touches hearts. Inspires, connects, learns. Anyone can talk about it, but fundamental change is something you need to go for. We give you the kick start. We make sure you not only learn it, but actually own it.

We give you goosebumps. That’s Paluka.

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Discover your value.

Doing business, managing, having a career. You know it can be done differently. And you want to. The world is changing, you want to change with it ánd give something back. Make a real impact.

But where to begin? Where to find help? A business training is too much business. A creative workshop not very concrete and doesn’t stick. You’re looking for something new, creative, and yet something venturous, innovative and lasting. for yourself, for your team and for your organisation.

Paluka is there where creativity and business meet. We inspire people to discover their potential and social value in an accessible and humane way. And we help them put it in practise.

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It’s crystal clear that we face urgent challenges to protect our social and ecological environment. The time to act is now.

Drawing inspiration from the concept of moonshots and the announcement of Prince William and sir David Attenborough’s Earthshot Prize, Paluka is proud to present: the Earthshot Challenge.

In this unique sustainable development program, we motivate and inspire a new generation of leaders and professionals. To think and act differently. To make themselves heard. By making a substantial contribution to a human and social business model with sustainable impact.

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