Paluka touches hearts. Inspires, connects, learns. Anyone can talk about it, but fundamental change is something we need to go for. We provide the kick start and create a common ground. We make sure it is not only learned, but actually owned.

We give you goosebumps. That’s Paluka.

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People & mission driven.

Now more than ever, the world is asking for a new balance. Starting with ourselves and with awareness. Exactly what we focus on.

By unleashing personal growth & leadership, passionate teamwork and resilient cultures. Always from the essence: the human side of mission-driven affairs.

We do not do shortcuts or symptom control. We go for the real thing. For sincere connection. For a deeper awareness and inventive transitions. In an accessible and human way.

With striking interventions and creative programs. Full of experience for positive movement. As a catalyst for personal impact and sustainable ambitions.

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Talents / Leaders / Teams / Culture
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Talentscan / Personal & Executive Coaching
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You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.

Leadership and storytelling as powerful accelerators of a flourishing, inclusive, livable and sustainable society.

Aim for a better world? Start with you! Discover how Community based Change involves your organization in the realization of the SDGs. System change and collaboration are key. Let your leadership and story work. Join the wave makers movement!

In this challenging leadership trail we join forces and activate your entrepreneurial spirit. With the ultimate goal of social innovation and a noticeable impact. Life changing for life changers.

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