We are at a tipping point that requires big choices. This time painfully exposes that there are flaws in our system. Prosperity does not endlessly go hand in hand with well-being. Let alone social equality.

Economic growth has natural limits, which we defy and exhaust. We have forgotten that we are part of a greater whole and that our actions are never isolated. That insight is rapidly gaining ground.

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Ignited by the rooted messages of indigenous people all over the world, we are committed to turning the tide. Together with powerful reformers and connectors, we bring about a transformative flow. Connect for impact!

Changes just never happen by themselves. Actuality is unruly, patterns are persistent and the daily practice is demanding. That requires flow keepers who shift the paradigm and accelerate the changing flow. For a vital, inclusive and regenerative movement in your organization.

In your element.

The flowkeepers program is an elementary leadership journey focused on the roots of our existence. A groundbreaking exploration of how we can transform ‘business as usual’ into the ‘nature of business’.

A paradigm shift from being on top of the world to serving our nature, in which shareholder value makes way for shared system value. Not competition but cooperation has brought us as humanity this far. Let yourself be guided to your original (forgotten) knowing.

The 4 elements show us the way. Along the seasons and by working closely together in their natural cycle and mutual connections. They are the components of our natural environment of which we are also a part.

Air has brainpower, fire offers inspiration, water sets everything in motion and earth gives stability. Each with their own rhythm. Together they form a whole in a cyclical process. Come along and learn to understand the principles and natural conditions for flow!

What does it bring?

This groundbreaking program brings transformation to life through the lens of nature. It creates a new world view of which movement and transition are a natural part.

Not fragmented, but all inclusive. With leadership focused on the origin of man and the natural rhythm of her (living) environment. For a vital, inclusive and regenerative society and cooperation.

Who is it for?

The program is aimed at transition leaders and seasoned change makers who are at the forefront of profound transformation.

You see that existing business models and management theories are no longer sufficient and you realize that real transitions come from within. You are ready for a deepening in yourself and with like-minded people in order to be able to take the lead in the challenges of our time.


  • 3 modules each season: inspiration (1 day), reflection (24 hours), integration (1/2 day)
  • exclusive program for a select group of up to 10 participants
  • with 14 inspiring leaders in domestic and natural settings


  • insight into universal principles and patterns from nature
  • understanding natural conditions and connected values of flow
  • transformation from ‘business as usual’ to the ‘nature of business’

Follow the flow.

Do you want to know more about Flow~keepers? Send a message and you’ll hear from us soon!

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