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It’s crystal clear that we face urgent challenges to protect our social and ecological environment and reshape our economy. The time to act is now.

Society is increasingly looking to business and government to embrace a wider responsibility beyond the limits of their own operations. By being proactive in developing the leadership and solutions needed today to create the future we want tomorrow.

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Positive movement.

Drawing inspiration from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), the concept of moonshots and the announcement of Prince William and sir David Attenborough’s Earthshot Prize, we are committed to the decade of action by connection.

With a positive movement to ignite energy, courage, awareness and creativity among a new generation of professionals and leaders. For a better world, for an equal and inclusive business model and for personal impact.


The SDG EarthCall movement creates a wave of ambition and innovation to find new ways to improve our social and ecological environment and reshape our economy.

This path requires a new way of being, listening, understanding and doing. From an integral perspective on people, society, market and the brand. Which leads to new realities. We, together with advertising agency Heldergroen, are committed to this with the SDG EarthCall. A transformative leadership trail as a catalyst for value creation, synergy and impact.

In cross-organizational teams, astute thinkers, socially engaged doers and inventive dreamers are given the opportunity to translate their ambitions into revolutionary actions. We focus on collective awareness and leadership. The most impactful ideas take a shot at the Earthshot Prize.

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Why your company?

Your company wants to lead the way, not just follow it. By fostering leadership on all levels of your organisation. And by embracing diverse and complementary forces.
You need new insights and fresh inspiration to redefine the value driven strategies and goals. In order to achieve change and substantial impact at the pace and scale required.
The SDG EarthCall facilitates and contributes to this positive change in your organisation.

Why you?

You want to grow and be part of a positive change. You want to make a real, deep impact.
You can’t do that alone. And you don’t want to. You need like-minded thinkers, dreamers and doers to share ideas with and to be challenged by. To strengthen your talent and potential.
The SDG EarthCall gives you the opportunity to join forces and innovate together with others. To act immediately instead of endless planning. Daring to rise to the occasion and make a real impact.

Are you ready for your EarthCall?

Want to learn more about the SDG EarthCall or join us? Leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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